We can guide you through all the stages of learning to drive. From passing your Theory Test to learning behind the wheel, practising to become a better driver, EDT lessons, and pretests to attain the high standard required to pass the practical Driving Test. We can also give Motorway lessons after passing your driving test. In some circumstances you may qualify for a FREE Motorway lesson!


Theory Test Tuition

we can book your Theory Test for youWe can help you prepare for the Theory Test by breaking down the sections that need to be covered into easy-to-understand smaller modules which are much easier to handle. As you work your way through these modules we can support you with regular contact, meeting with you to review any areas which might be causing you concern, and completing 'mock theory tests' using the Theory Test CD. You will be 100% prepared for the Theory Test and confident in your own ability having completed the mock tests.

GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME and save yourself time + €s!

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    Driving Lessons

    RoofsignWhether you're a first-time learner or have more experience we tailor each lesson to your training needs. Planned lessons with clearly defined objectives and lesson reviews at the end help to focus the learner's concentration on the lesson. We support the lessons using additional training aids and handouts, explaining the subject being taught using clear graphics. The pupil can take these home to help them practice between lessons.


    Essential Driver Training

    If your first learner permit was issued after 3rd April 2011 you must complete Essential Driver Training before you are allowed to take your driving test. If your first learner permit was issued before 4th April 2011 then EDT is not required. EDT  was introduced by the RSA as part of their Graduated Driver Licensing measures in an attempt to increase driving skills and decrease accidents especially among younger drivers. EDT consists of 12 individual lessons which must be undertaken with an Approved Driving Instructor. The ADI records your progress at the end of each lesson in your personal logbook and stamps it. The ADI also records the EDT lesson with the RSA (uploading it to the EDT portal). The RSA recommends spreading the 12 EDT lessons over 6 months or one every 2 weeks, to allow for practice between the EDT lessons. Each EDT lesson should last 1 hour. A sponsor must be chosen who will supervise the pupil's practice between EDT lessons.

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    We can help you prepare for your test and get you to the required standard to pass it. Your instructor will:

    1. evaluate your driving and give you feedback on where you might need to focus/improve.

    2. explain the test form so you understand every aspect of the test ahead of you.

    3. take you on the test routes where you intend to do your test in either Portlaoise, Tullamore or Birr.

    4. prepare you for the 'technical checks', 'secondary controls', and 'rules/checks' sections of the driving test.

    5. perform 'Mock Tests' with you.

    we can book your Driving Test for you

    If you give us the time, we will ensure that you are fully prepared for your driving test. Lack of preparation is one of the biggest reasons for failing the test. GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME and save yourself time + €s! We can even book the Driving Test for you.


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    Further Training

    Similar to the Pass Plus scheme in the UK, we offer extra lessons to people who may need additional tuition e.g. someone who has just passed their driving test and is entitled to drive on a Motorway. The extra lessons cover driving in different conditions:

    1. Dual carriageways
    2. Motorways
    3. Night-time driving
    4. All-Weather driving
    5. Town driving
    6. Countryside driving

    Price: €30 per lesson.

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    We can tailor extra tuition to suit your own needs e.g:

    1. Change a wheel/flat tyre

    changing a flat tyre

    2. Perform basic maintenance checks on your car

    basic maintenance checks


    3. Confidently jumpstart your car

    jumpstarting a flat battery


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