Drive-On are delighted to offer our customers 'DRIVEFirst', a fantastic new car insurance discount that will save our customers a lot of money!!

€ €2

up to 30% off

In partnership with First Ireland Risk Management, one of the largest Irish-owned insurance brokerages in the country, we are offering our customers the opportunity to save UP TO 30% off their first insurance premium.

driving down your insurance

How does it work?     

All you have to do is simply complete 10 driving lessons with us! We will then provide you with a signed & stamped certificate which automatically entitles you to a 1 Year No Claims Discount, equivalent to a 10% saving. First Ireland will then apply a further discount (up to an additional 20%), resulting in an overall discount of up to a MASSIVE 30%.

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Sample 'Certificate Of Driving Tuition' below which we will stamp & sign on completion of 10 driving lessons

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Investing in 10 driving lessons with Drive-On will set you up for a lifetime of safe driving. The insurance savings made under the DRIVEFirst program should offset the cost of your lessons - the lessons pay for themselves!

Another benefit in taking your lessons with us at Drive-On is that our instructor's insurance policy will cover a student to drive their parent's car when he/she is accompanied by us during a lesson period. The cover is provided as an extension of the cover type on our instructor's policy. So because we have comprehensive insurance, the student will have comprehensive cover in the parent's car. This is an enormous benefit for students who would like to take some or all of their lessons in a car they may drive regularly.

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