Taking the Test

On the day of your test your driving will be assessed on a number of points including:

  1. Road positioning
  2. Overtaking and passing other vehicles and objects
  3. Anticipation and awareness
  4. Correctly dealing with 'Hazards'
  5. Use of mirrors and signals (including Hand Signals)
  6. Observation
  7. Progress
  8. Speed
  9. Compliance with traffic lights, road signs and markings
  10. Correct use of the vehicle controls (accelerator, clutch, gears, brakes and steering)
  11. Correct use of secondary controls such as wipers, demisters, etc.
  12. Reverse around a corner
  13. Turnabout
  14. Hillstart


You should also know how to:

 Operate the secondary controls

 Perform some basic technical checks to your vehicle


Helpful Documents

Rules of the road



Rules of the Road (file size 3.8MB)




Examiner's report sheet



Examiner's Test Sheet




Explanation of faults on the examiner's report sheet



Marking guidelines for Examiner's Test Sheet





final checks for your driving test

 Final Checks for your Driving Test



preparing for your driving test



Preparing for your Driving Test

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